Driving Innovation with AI and Sustainable Solutions

At Marillion, we harness the power of artificial intelligence and sustainable practices to create transformative solutions for a greener future. Explore our cutting-edge approaches in AI integration, carbon and water credits, and renewable energy solutions that are shaping industries and enriching communities globally.

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Our Expertise

  • AI Integration

    Empowering businesses with AI-driven technologies that optimize operations, enhance decision-making, and drive innovation.

  • Carbon Credits

    Leading the charge in carbon offset initiatives, helping companies meet their sustainability goals through strategic carbon credit investments.

  • Water Credits

    Advocating for water sustainability by facilitating water credit systems that promote efficient water usage and conservation.

  • Renewable Energy

    Developing and implementing renewable energy solutions that reduce dependence on fossil fuels and lower carbon footprints.

How We Work

We can help you innovate, and revolutionize your sustainability strategy.

Our approach combines strategic vision with operational excellence, ensuring tailor-made solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. From consultation through to implementation, we focus on scalable results and lasting impacts.

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Discover the measurable impact Marillion has achieved through dedicated efforts in sustainability and technological innovation.

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Our Vision, Mission & Values

  • Vision

    To be at the forefront of technological and environmental solutions, revolutionizing how businesses operate within their ecosystems.

  • Mission

    To provide innovative and sustainable solutions that empower businesses, enhance environments, and enrich communities worldwide.

  • Values

    Integrity and Ethics
    Innovation and Excellence
    Commitment to Sustainability

Core Team

Comprised of pioneering technologists, sustainability advocates, financial analysts, and energy specialists, our team at Marillion is dedicated to driving progressive and eco-friendly business models. United by a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, we leverage our diverse expertise to deliver solutions that not only meet the current demands of the market but also anticipate future challenges and opportunities in sustainability.

Nicholas Havercroft

Nicholas Havercroft

Chief Executive Officer
Nicholas Havercroft, a seasoned professional with over forty years of international experience in agriculture and agri-processing, has broadened his expertise to include various startups in diverse fields. His knack for raising international finance has led him to significant innovations in environmental sustainability. At Marillion, Nicholas pioneered the Diamond Standard of Carbon Credits and is actively involved in developing credits in water, wildlife mitigation, plastics, and communities. His work underscores a deep commitment to environmental conservation and community development.
Gavin Havercroft

Gavin Havercroft

Chief Technology Officer
Gavin Havercroft co-founded MarillionEx and leads the product development and operational implementation. British born with thirty years of experience in start-up operations across green and brown field projects, he has a strong focus on green technologies, carbon capture, and sustainable biodiversity. Gavin’s extensive travels have helped him develop solid relationships with various communities, emphasizing empowerment through greener, sustainable agricultural and environmental practices.
Mbuso Dabula

Mbuso Dabula

Business Development Manager
Mbuso Dabula, Founder & Managing Director of Applera Investments, has over 15 years of experience in International Business Development & Corporate Events Management. He has served globally as a B2B Chief Sales Manager, cultivating strategic relationships with investors and institutions. Based in Calgary, Canada, Mbuso’s passions include Formula One Racing, Motorbikes, and Aviation. At MarillionEx, his expertise in fostering relationships continues to drive our business forward.
Muhammad Abu Bakar

Muhammad Abu Bakar

Full Stack Developer
Muhammad Abu Bakar, an expert in cross-platform app development, web applications, and AI, is known for crafting seamless and scalable solutions with a global impact. His commitment to fostering inclusive tech communities has established him as a leader in technology development. At MarillionEx, Muhammad continues to drive innovation, ensuring our technological solutions advance our environmental and sustainability goals.
Kuda Zafevere

Kuda Zafevere

Solutions Architect
Kuda Zafevere, has a profound ability to design and implement complex IT solutions aligned with our sustainability goals. With over a decade of experience in IT, his expertise lies in bridging the gap between technical solutions and strategic business needs. Kuda is essential in crafting customized technology frameworks that support MarillionEx's dedication to environmental conservation and innovative practices. His approach not only enhances our operational efficiency but also inspires and mentors the tech team, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable development.

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